Reductive Materialism

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Reductive Materialism:

Reductive materialism is a 'sub theory ' or a version of Physicalism. It suggests that sensations of the mind correlate exactly to physical 'movements ' of the brain. In other words, every thought or experience which occurs in your mind, can be found as activity in your brain. This does not mean however, that the mind and the brain are the same thing, just that they are both different experiences of the same thing. For example, a neuroscientist may be able to study your brain activity as you experience it in your mind. A problem with this theory when applied, is that two different people having the same thought, will have the identical brain activity. But the thoughts of one person are subjective to their
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However if these experiences are intangible, then they can 't be exactly the same as the functioning of the brain, which is a tangible substance. The Two Marys analogy demonstrates this dispute of reductive materialism, as once the Mary has learned something by an experience or 'qualia ', then that experience can 't be a physical event in the brain.

Eliminative Materialism:

Eliminative Materialism argues that everything we believe about minds and conciousness does not exist (including belief itself), on the grounds that it cannot be empirically proved. The claim is that the understood laws or generalisations we use when we use terms “of the mind”, are false. For example, if someone talks about their feeling of pain, then they would call this statement 'Folk Psychology ', meaning that the words are just used habitually and don 't have any true meaning. They say that the problem is in the language we use to make sense of what we can 't prove. This idea however, is not consistent, as it disputes the belief in anything, meaning the belief of eliminativism in itself cannot be believed. Similarly, believing in Nihilism is contradictory.
Another problem with the argument is that it assumes empirical methods of experiment are always accurate and consistent, when we know that this is not always the case, and some physical events in the world are not caused by physical substances.
If all out beliefs and
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