Reflection About 9 / 11

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9/11 was a time of horrifying events. From the enchanting twin towers standing in New York To a pile of twisted metals and souls lost in the tragic accident. Around 3,000 innocent lives were lost that day of the attack. When we watched the video about 9/11 I thought I knew an acceptable portion about September 11, 2001, and what happened that day. Five things I did not know was that the twin towers were bombed 9/11. This bomb went 7 stories high into the north tower killing 6 people. Also that the plan to take down the world trade center took 1 year to develop and bring the twin towers to a end. When the plan was evolving Ben laden told the US to get out of Afghanistan. Ben ladin also left hints about bombing a landmark in the united states. Another act leading up to september 11, 2001, that i did not know what happened was the suicide bombing of a ship. This bombing killed 20 american soldiers and injured 40. I also did not know that 1 half (corner) of the Pentagon caved in after flight 77 crashed into the side. These acts of terrorism took one of the US possessions which started a war with the America. In class when we watched the video I didn't think A video like this would have such an impact on me and how I looked at 9/11. One part of the video that really made me think about the innocent lives on the planes and in the twin towers and the pentagon. When the planes were hijacked people on the plane called their families to tell them they love them and that they didn't
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