Reflection About Discipleship Relationship

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Throughout the past few months, the Lord blessed me with the opportunity to begin discipleship relationships with two amazing people. To begin with, I had the opportunity to disciple a young girl who I have known her whole life. Our connection had been previously established, but after these past few months we’ve spent together our relationship has strengthened and gained a depth that I never thought possible. From the beginning, we created a trustworthy environment that allowed for vulnerability and a deep connection. She felt safe to share with me personal details that she used to be hesitant to share and our friendship grew.
Beyond discipling someone, I also had the blessing and joy of getting to know my aunt better and have her disciple me. Much like my relationship with the young girl I was discipling, I have known her my whole life thus we already had a decent connection, but I wasn’t prepared for development I would experience throughout this relationship. Being as we’re family, we easily connected from the beginning. It was certainly a “click-relationship”. From the first meeting we had, we were able to be open and honest with each other, and I was able to share with her secrets and feelings that I never thought I would. We connected so well with each other and, for that, I am so grateful.
Moving back to the young girl I was discipling, I’m extremely thankful for the spiritual connection that we had. We had grown up in the same church and had a similar family and

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