Reflection About Friendship

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Nobody is born with a sense of what is right and what is wrong. Morals vary from person to person and each person develops their moral stance in their own way. I have always felt like a new soul in that sense, as if I were born a completely blank canvas, fresh for every experience. Where others had a clear idea of what is black and what is white, I always found myself sifting through the gray. Watching how others react, taking in emotions and ranges for every type of situation. My own innate process felt like it was being built from a basic foundation. I wasn’t always sure if I could trust my moral standing. It has taken a lot of life lessons to build a confidence in my distinguishment between when to be passive and when to be righteous. In life, a friendship can teach you a lot about boundaries and just how much courage it takes to do the right thing. Even if it means risking the loss of a friend in the chaos of the code of ethics.

I had moved every four years of my life from the time I was two years old to fifteen. By the time I had finished elementary school I had developed a less than permanent outlook on how friendship works. You meet someone you like, you get to know them long enough to become close, and then your family moves to a new town, city, state, region of the country; and you start all over again. It wasn’t until tenth grade that I would gain my first “full-time” friend. She liked to read, mostly stayed under the radar, but was known for being very

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