Reflection About Memory

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This article by Daniel Willingham emphasized on memory and ways it can and can’t work for students. He discuss how memory works: how to commit things to memory, to avoid forgetting, and to know when they’ve studied (Willingham97). When committing things to the memory, you don’t control what is in storage. You can avoid forgetting things by having the right cue. The right cue brings back a good memory that you thought you lost (Willingham 93). To know when you’ve studied enough, you have to test yourself to see if you have definite knowledge instead of fallible knowledge.
He states facts on how things trigger the memory works in alliance with the thought process. Physical movement helps students be attentive. It also helps with encoding …show more content…

This principle is basically stating that the answer is on the tip-of-my-tongue. The phrase tip-of-my-tongue means when you feel positive about knowing something, but you can’t remember what to say. People will usually know the answer if they saw it (Willingham 93). That is to say, this phenomenon it’s like the feeling of knowing.
The last principle is individuals’ assessments of their own knowledge are fallible. This principle means we as people don’t know how to give good feedback or analyze something we’ve read about. To improve from fallible knowledge you have to read and fully understand the concept that you are reading to get to definite knowledge.
The theme for Daniel Willingham’s article is the necessity of work. Basically stating that the importance of memory is something I deal with every day. Memory plays a big role in this article. He states that retrieving memories helps students like me not to forget. He discussed cramming for test. Cramming for test might work for some student, but he stated that information learned is rarely retained and students should keep studying until they know the material and then keep studying (Willingham 97). I think this article was a good for me. A lot of people, including myself don’t really know about how the memory works. Memory is a great emphasis on the ability to recall the information for a period of time (Ormrod 63). Everyone has different ways of learning, but when it comes to memorizing something

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