Reflection About Milal

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The Thank You I Never Expressed

More than 10 years ago.
It was during winter, I was bundled in my thick, puffy coat. My mom took me and my sister to a church and I was unsure of why we were there. As soon as we entered the side doors of the church, I was quickly greeted by Susan, one our Milal friends, that persistently tugged on my coat zipper while shoving and nudging me with her hands to ask me to take off my coat. It’s the middle of winter, I’m freezing and I just came in from the cold outdoors, but I reluctantly take off my coat and she runs away with it, so that she can hang my coat up on the coat rack where all the other jackets were hung. From that moment on, Milal came into my life.

My accomplishments, failures and experiences from Milal has developed a lot of parts of my character. Milal has opened avenues for me to grow and to be able to reflect on all of those occasions, so that I am able to further love on to our Milal friends with the love that God has shown to me. So, I want to break up 3 angles of how I have perceived Milal my past years here.

My first perspective is as a sister.
My sister, Victoria, she’s more well-known as, Go Eun, she has been coming out to Milal with me since the beginning. (For those who don’t know her, she has autism with a speech delay and she is one of our Milal friends that attends Saturday Agape Class).

There are people that have told me that life would have been easier if my sister wasn’t in the picture.
I am guilty.

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