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In September 2017, I began writing 39C and to be honest I believed that I was going to have no problems in this class. The reason being I had taken Writing 39A and was able to pass that class, taken Writing 39B during the previous summer and managed to get an A in the class. Along with having experience of doing research from high school by trying to researching on local social issues and trying to advocate on how to effectively solve the issue; I thought there was nothing more for me to learn. I was very wrong about that statement in about the next three weeks. As I figured out while I might have prior experience doing research projects, I had no experience in conducting actual research reports using rhetoric or multimodality. As, the only things that I had that was remotely related to the class was how to find credible sources through databases and google scholar, how to write in MLA format, and how to use rhetoric. In the beginning of the quarter, I had no idea how all of this was supposed to connect, but something I knew I had was that my work cut out for me being trying to find my sources and being able to keep with the rest of my classes. Research and Composition When it came time to begin the writing process for the HCP, I knew this was going to be a challenge. With the requirement of having 4-6 academic sources, each one being well around 20-40 pages, I knew that I did not want to constantly keep on rereading these sources, so I decided to take notes on each

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