Reflection Essay On Photojournalism

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Throughout my semester in my amazing Photojournalism class, I’ve had the privilege of learning the relevant rules of photography, all under the great leadership of Dr. Beth Christian. At first, I didn’t expect much from the class. I honestly thought that it was going to be an easy class that was only meant to show us how to point a camera and shoots and captures images. I soon found out that I was wrong, the class was challenging and informative. I felt as though I was learning things that could help me in my personal life when It comes to capturing images that surrounded me. Dr. Christian instructed us on how to actually get involved with what we were capturing. Standing back from a shot will just not cut it.
You must go to the shot, dive in the midst of the story that you trying to communicate to the audience. As a photojournalist, your job is to tell the story, to report the truth for those who can’t be at the scene in person. I learned the importance of lighting and angles within your shot. With the right angles and lighting, you can literally increase the value and perception of your photographs. For example, there is a photograph on page 154 of our photography textbook, that shows the image of the thousands upon thousands of memorial flowers that were laid out in honor of the late Princess Diana. To me, the picture really captures the love that the people of England had for Princess Diana, and how much they respected her.
The image alone portrays a truly sad and

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