Reflection Essay On To Kill A Mockingbird

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To Kill a Mockingbird was a great book and had many wonderful characters in it. As I was reading, I reflected on my reactions to the characters. Scout was an undoubtedly unique character in all that she did. Scout stood out in a crowd, not only for her courage, but her instinct to do what is right. When Atticus told her not to get into fights with other children about the lawsuit, she held back on her urge to fight. She chose to do what was right, even though she found it difficult. Scout’s brother, Jem, is very protective of her, and I admired that about him considering he would protect his family and friends over anything. For instance, when Bob Ewell attacked Scout, Jem did not take a second to think about what to do. He …show more content…

Point of View
When W.E.B. Dubose says double consciousness, I considered when Aunt Alexandra was pressing Scout to act like a lady other than just being herself. Atticus tells Scout and Jem that Aunt Alexandra wanted him to tell them that (on page 177) “you must try to behave like the little lady and gentleman that you are.” The book refers to the streaks in everyone's families and how they are viewed, rather than the actual person. For instance, the Ewells were expected to only attend the first day of school and then leave because education was not important to their family. However, in Scout’s family, she was expected to be a well educated young lady, not a childish tomboy.

In Maycomb County, compared to my home, there was always something you were known for, but where I grew up you could be whatever you wanted to be. There was no streak in your family, and you were not born to be something. You made your image. You didn't copy and paste it. Another difference in Maycomb County compared to my home was the diversity in income ranging from poor to average, but where I grew up there was one level, not too poor and not too rich. The majority of the jobs were farming in Maycomb County, but people in my neighborhood worked in the school system and local businesses.
To Kill A Mockingbird held my interest while on the topics of the trial of Tom Robinson, the killing of Bob Ewell, and when the three kids were

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