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I believe that existence is dependent on connections. Life only exists in ecosystems where energies are undoubtedly interrelated but I think as humans we often overlook the significant beauty of our ecosystem. I’ve learned that the three most important types of connections we make are relationships with other beings, the understanding of ourselves, and deep ties to our natural surroundings. Without these connections, life cannot be. In my experience, I’ve seen how art and creativity develop a language through which connections can be made.

This knowledge creates a cycle that intertwines with my creative process. Connections deeply influence my work just as my work guides the way I build connections in my life. My art practice gives me endless opportunities to connect with other people, learn about myself, and relate to the earth. I choose topics, subjects, techniques, and materials that naturally fit into this cycle.

Curiosity drives my practice as I constantly seek to strengthen my connections and heighten my knowledge. I use the whole experience of creating a photograph, both analog and digital processes, as a set of tools to unravel and reconstruct concepts that I don’t already understand fully.

My development as an artist is touched by very few outside influences. The lack of artistic instruction in my past has left infinite space for creation, both internally and externally. My work reflects a unique freedom through chaotic variety in a collection of mediums that

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