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Throughout my life, there have been many failed attempts at persuasion due to unsuccessful rhetoric. One of these moments occurred during an interview for the acceptance into a CNA class I was interested in. I was being interviewed by the coordinator of the class who was asking me questions about previous experiences. There were questions asking about times I had worked with a team, times I made mistakes during a jobs, how coworkers would describe me, things I did to make others feel comfortable, and much more. The answers to these questions were used as a way to persuade the interviewer into accepting me into the class. In order to make a successful argument, it would have been useful to know the values of this audience. Values of the interviewer and of the class included having some patient care experience, learning from past experiences, being able to showcase feelings of comfort and kindness, and being able to begin working as soon as the class was complete. Although I had these values in mind, I was unable to express them in a persuading way. The appeal I relied on for this interview was logos, which did not benefit me in the end. I answered the interviewer’s questions with a list of all the things I have done and not how these things have changed me. This led to me not being accepted into the class, showcasing my failed attempt at persuasion. In order to improve this failed attempt, I should have used more pathos, instead of solely focusing on logos. Using pathos

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