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As Yogi Berra would say, “just kidding I learned my lesson.” I made a lot of mistakes in my first OHSC0 writing assignment, the main one being to keep my essay focused even if it means leaving out what I had seen as comic relief. I believe just this change would have made room for me to correct most of my other mistakes as one of my biggest problems in this essay was editing it down to two pages. One of the main comments about my essay was that I should be, “including clear definition of terms in the scientific process,” and I actually previously had a much better definition for many of the terms, but I chose to cut and shorten them to make room for more comedic quotes. This was clearly a huge mistake and only hurt my essays fluidity and…show more content…
In order to appropriately analyze Anaximenes theory, two terms must be deconstructed: natural and supernatural. Natural relates to things that we can prove and support with evidence we gather through our senses or can comprehend through reason. An example of a naturalistic explanation of how lightning strikes might use evidence such as observation of high voltage discharges produced in a laboratory or even by watching what results from attaching a key to the string of a kite. However, the most important aspect of a naturalistic explanation is that the reason or nature of a phenomenon can be understood or perhaps even predicted on some level. It took thousands of years before modern concepts of matter, energy and their origins emerged but the important first step is to accept that these things can be explained without magic or mysticism. Supernatural explanations are much more cultural than scientific and are based on ideas of deities passed down through generations. The previous example of lightning strikes could be explained using supernatural ideas such as angry Gods willing lightning to appear. An important part of supernatural explanations is that predicting something with certainty is impossible because one cannot know the will of the Gods. The fundamental premise of material reality is God or Gods created all materials

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