Reflection Essay : What Is The Story Of My Writing

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Writing is fundamental in an individual’s life. You use writing everyday and there is no avoiding that. Throughout your life you may learn to write, and as your life goes on that skill may be strengthened. This is the story of my writing. As a child, I never really liked to write; however, it was something that had to be done - for school of course. Lately, I have been striving to strengthen my writing skills. In doing so, I often attempt to write as though I am a literary scholar. Although I have a long way to go, my writing has come far. From run-on sentences that do not make any grammatical sense, to sentences that are precise and have exceptional word choice and vocabulary. So far, my writing skills have excelled exceptionally and I am …show more content…

Nevertheless, there was still room for improvement. In middle school, I wrote a fictional story and only after looking over it a few years later, I realized how bad it was. Furthermore, the grammar was horrible and the plot was not well thought out. I had commas in the wrong places and my sentences ran on for too long. My writing was finally addressed when I began my English IV honors course. My English teacher at Seventy-First High School, Dr. Deanna Bradley, informed me that I needed to work on my writing skills. Moreover, Dr. Bradley told me that I did not fully cover my topic, my topic was not clear, and that I did not make sure there were not any questions to ask once my essay was finished. Although she told me this, I never attempted to fix the problem. Nonetheless, my writing has continued to get better.
As a college student, it is expected of me to be able to type essays efficiently. I knew that I would have to write a paper at some point and when my first writing assignment came I was nervous. I was nervous about writing because I knew that my writing was not strong and could use some practice. Therefore, I took advantage of the tools that I had, including an online thesaurus and my cousin who proofread for me. I used the thesaurus to get rid of weak words and strengthen the vocabulary used, making my essay strong. Additionally, I had a tutor read my essay and she commented that she thought it was very well written which surprised me. The

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