Reflection Of A Critique Of The First Music Salon Class

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On Monday, August 28th, that day marked the first music salon class of the semester. Before we officially started, we had cake, cheese, crackers, and grape-apple juice. While we did not have an official speaker for this class, our professor, Lisa Weiss, led the discussion for the evening. She started by introducing herself. She talked about her life in Boston, Massachusetts, and stories from when she was an undergraduate at Harvard University. One of the coolest stories of the evening was learning from Weiss that she had performed with Yo-Yo Ma. Afterwards, we introduced ourselves and talked about our dreams for the future. The class is small, about seven or eight people, however, we all have big and different ambitions. For example, two students are interested in the medical field. Although we are diverse, we all have one connection and that is music. We then discussed why we chose music and the role of music in our lives. Some students stated that they had done music all their lives and felt that it was something that they were meant to do. Others felt that they had not discovered their love for music until they came to Goucher College. With a variety of reasons, music is something that will always be with us.
After the introductions and personal stories, Professor Weiss then discussed the syllabus and what is expected of us. Weiss emphasized the importance of being on time and at every class, because there would only be seven, possibly 8, classes the entirety of the
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