Reflection Of A Good Writing

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I am hoping this paper can tell you more about me. Hopefully, this will also help you get an insight into what I want to learn from your class this year. I am going to try as hard as I can and put forth at least 80% effort. I can’t wait to see how this semester goes.
Many people have different views on what a good writing is to them. Each person has their own values and their own personal opinions. However, you aren’t asking me about everyone else. You are asking me what a good writing is in my eyes. A good writing to me is something that gives bits and pieces of personal information about the writer away. The writing also has a good balance of fact written. There are many different things that work together to make up a good writing. Of course, there is punctuation, grammar, and getting your point across.; but it also includes bits of the author. A good writing is more than just words on a paper. It’s something that can tell our story to future generations. I know I have written a good paper when I feel proud of the final product. Most times that means that I have put time and effort into the paper. I have made it to the best of my abilities. By knowing that I have made it the best I can, I am proud to put the paper out for others to read. There are about two reasons why I am taking this class; one is because I want to improve my writing skills, and the other is because I need it to take Comp 1 next year. Writing will play many parts in my life. In a few years, it will

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