Reflection Of An Article On 'Why GodIs An Asshole'

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As Americans, we all have the right to freedom of speech and religion. A right to express views without getting into trouble. It is a given right that many countries in parts of the world are not blessed with, unfortunately.

I absolutely have no issue with people freely expressing views. I am an individual who enjoys exploring different concepts and hearing about various ideals on life perspectives and comparing as well as contrasting them with my own.

However, if a circumstance where to prevail where an individual was to brutally attack an ideal of mine, I fully clung to- that is where my INFJ self will come out of the shadows of “being afraid to offend an individual” to openly come forth and defend as well as express my views.

Under those circumstances, what brought me to discussing the right to defend ideals was the result of reading “Why ‘God’ is an Asshole”.
Before I begin, I advise you as a reader- that you may want to read “Why ‘God’ is an Asshole" before you read my article. I will shift from point to point in the exact order in which the article is presented. Also, my responses may make more sense in this manner and you’ll be able to shift gears easily.

My goal in this article is to root out the ignorance in this article in a loving and respectable manner. Another goal is to explain some questions about the Christian faith in depth, but moreover, defend my God.
Henceforth, let’s diverge into this article!

In response to the first question in the article:

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