Reflection Of Disc Golf

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As the Disc Flies
Fog fills the air; it’s early morning and I still cannot believe I woke up this early. I align myself on the concrete tee. I take three steps forward and launch the small rubber disc. It was a bad throw. My friends burst into laughter as I watch as the disc veer off course and come to a crashing halt in a thicket of trees just ten feet from the tee. That foggy morning was back in July and was the first time I had ever played a game of disc golf. Since that first game I have practiced constantly, revising my throwing form and greatly improving my disc golf abilities. Similar to my improvement in disc golf over the past nine or so months, my English 1102 class has also helped me greatly improve my writing abilities. I have included many examples in this portfolio to show how my improvements with eliminating comma splices, adding transition sentences, as well as general editing improvements.
When I first began to play disc golf I did not pay much attention to the placement of my fingers on the disc. At the time finger placement did not seem like a major issue. However, as I began to learn more about disc golf I realized that even tiny adjustments of my grip on the disc could greatly improve my overall throw. While writing I did not pay much attention to my sentence structures. I began to pay more attention once I received my first paper back and noticed what seemed to be one-hundred “cs” marks all over the paper. This “cs” mark stands for “comma splice” and I

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