Reflection Of High School Education

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A transcript can show where someone is headed in life. The high school education I have received so far has shaped me into the person I am and has steered me into the direction I want to go in. Every choice I have made, about my education, has been much considered and has made changes to the course I am following to better fit the future I am aiming for. Over time, much has changed in my life; my interest, point of views, and the way I approach situations. My transcript is a reflection of these changes. A lot can be told about my education and how it has affected me by looking at my transcript. The person I am that is reflected on my transcript has been decided by strengths and weaknesses of mine, impressions that have been left, and what I have chosen to participate in. Throughout high school, I have learned a lot about my strengths and weaknesses in education. A few of my weaker classes include English and chemistry. Freshman, sophomore, and junior year I have been in honors English. These past two years and current semester have been a struggle when it comes to understanding everything that has been covered on this particular subject.
However, I have continued to stick with honors English instead of a lower level because I like the challenge it gives me and it helps me grow as a student. After taking Chemistry sophomore year I noticed it was not a strength either. In the future, I want to be in the medical field which led to my choice in taking chemistry my sophomore
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