Reflection Of Multicultural Clinical Experience

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At the beginning of the Fall 2017 Semester, the class of Multicultural Clinical Experience (ED1320) was handed a syllabus and within the syllabus was the objectives of this course. The goals were to understand the roles and responsibilities of classroom teachers, observe a classroom setting for 15 hours, understand how poverty, social economic status (SES) and other cultural factors affect learning, and decide whether education is a good fit for one. This course did an excellent job of achieving each one of the goals through class discussion, guest speakers, homework assignments, and much more. Throughout the course, I learned very much about the role of the teacher and how important and crucial the education field is. Teachers are needed in the world, excellent teachers who care for students are needed in the world. Class discussions were interesting because many of my peers discuss what their teachers did in high school and how we can make education better for our future students. On the first day of class, we discuss what makes a good teacher and what makes a bad teacher. Many characteristics we considered a good teacher are knowledgeable, caring, enthusiastic, insightful, and flexible. Characteristics that make a teacher bad are disrespectful, unorganized, unwilling, and lazy. Professor Walter provided numerous amount of insight in this course. She provided helpful tips about interviews and situations she had to go through herself as a teacher. Teachers have more

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