Reflection Of My English 1102 Course

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Reflection of my English 1102 course throughout the semester I learned many new things from English 1102 class. It was not much fun but I learned some interesting things. For my research, I needed a topic that interests me. I first started to search topics from the chemistry field. I could not find any interesting topics then I came across an article that talks about how robots will take our jobs and every one would be jobless. After reading that article, I was really convinced that robots were bad for human society and people should be focusing on improving other fields such as medicine than wasting time and money in inventing a robot, which is one type of luxury and that, will take our jobs. So I chose this topic for my research. For further discussions, I started searching for some more article about robots not good for human society and I found that there was not much about the negative impact of robots in human society other than taking human jobs. So I was stuck but then I found an article that supports the robots. It was a good article and it explains how robots are useful in human society. The Article says that robots will create new jobs and benefit employers, government and disable people. I also found in one article saying that if robots will do our jobs humans can focus on bigger problems like finding cures for diseases, finding solution to prevent natural disasters and many more. Therefore, I decided to support the robot’s positive impact rather than supporting

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