Reflection Of English 203

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The things learned during the class, English 203, has not only helped the ability to write better, but also the ability to expand the research on each paper I have written. From the very beginning of this semester, I was taught to write an abstract, which I have never done before, but the basis of an abstract is to look at the big picture and take all the important points of a paper. Also, the papers that was written throughout the semester was not all based around one topic. The topics varied from sciences to engineering feats, while also coming up with our own business proposal where we learned how to format and make it a clean presentation of the idea, and finally we had to research Spartacus, and how it relates to history whether it is historically accurate or not. Taking English 203 has furthered my ability to write papers learning different techniques and ideas making myself a better writer. Writing, an art that uses words that lets the reader enter into the mind of the writer. The first thing that was taught was how to make an abstract, where at the end of a paper, is to pull the most important information into a summary and let the reader knows what he or she is reading about. Abstracts are primarily used in APA style format papers, which was the main focus throughout the semester. In the first assignment, the topic was science, and the topic I covered was the climate changes that are prevalent in our world today in an article by Nicholas Kristof. I
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