Reflection Of Osho's Reflections On Awareness

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Osho’s Reflections on Awareness
Osho says that the normal humanity is totally asleep. Zarathustra, all the awakened masters like Lao Tzu, Jesus, Buddha, Bahauddin, Kabir, Nanak – all of them have been teaching only one single theme and this is to wake up, to become aware. Wakefulness is the goal and wakefulness is the taste of all their teachings. Osho gives a beautiful example. He says like sea water is salty anywhere and everywhere, similarly all the Buddhas, of all places and times, have the same essence, that of awareness. He says, Adama and Eve were banished from heaven because they tasted from the fruit from tree of knowledge. They had become minds. When you become a mind, you lose consciousness (identification of Puruṣa with Prakṛti!). Mind means mechanical-ness; it means sleep.
There is a distinction (of life and death!) between being existing and living. We ‘exist’ when our physiological systems are working. But we start living only when we become aware. Wakefulness is the way to life. You are alive only in the proportion that you are aware. Awareness is the difference between death and life. Life is the goal and awareness is the technique the methodology to attain it.
Awareness leads to enjoying every moment because you
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When you see the sun setting or a rose flower in full bloom and exclaim “how beautiful!”, you have already moved into the past. In the beauty of the sun setting and of the rose flower there is no space for exclamation. The moment you exclaim, “how beautiful!”, you are referring to an experience which has already become the past! The mind already has put into the memory. Exactly when the sun is setting, exactly when the sun is on the rise, how can you think? There cannot be any thinking. There is no space for thoughts. You can be with the rising sun, but you cannot think. For you there is enough space - but not for thoughts. Similar is the case with the beauty of the rose

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