Reflection Of Social Life In Han Kang's The Vegehood

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Introduction Literature is a true reflection of the society; it mirrors the thoughts and actions of the society. A good work of literary art speaks about the important things in real life. It does not hide what people experience in life. Instead, it exposes the issues and complexities that real people face in real life. Literature acknowledges that social life is a blend of various complexities that affect the way people think and behave. The way people think and behave is a pure reflection of what they deeply desire. It is through a person’s actions that the society can know what is important in his or her life. Literature reveals, through various social institutions, the ideals and deep convictions that people believe…show more content…
Therefore, “The Vegetarian” leads readers to the awareness that it is very imperative that the values and convictions of people be appreciated because of the significance attached to them. Thesis The story developed in “The Vegetarian” is a true depiction that a good work of art says something about real life; it exposes the essential and realistic things about life, and reveals what is important to societal members. Body The aspect of human behavior in “The Vegetarian” is a clear demonstration that what a person does is a reflection of what they strongly believe about a certain aspect of life. Additionally, the patterns or the decisions that people make demonstrates the things that are most important to them. For example, Yeong-hye believes that she has the freedom to decide what to eat and what not to eat. For this reason, her diet is a very vital component of her life and that is why she chooses to become a vegetarian. The behavior that she chooses is a total reflection of what is in her heart. This is why, irrespective of her father’s objections, she remains true to her decision to become a vegetarian; nothing stops her from this resolve. Therefore, she simply expects her family to understand the decision and behavior she chooses to follow. Being real in life is being confident on what matters most to a person. “The Vegetarian” reveals that no matter the opposition that one faces, it is important for one to remain true to what is meaningful to them. The story

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