Small Island and a Concise English-Chinese Dictionary for Lovers

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The movement of people from a certain socioeconomic condition is known as migration. Migrant refers to a person that moves or migrates and is used to express the difference between them and the natural-born citizens. In a cosmopolitan nation, the citizen evolves as a stranger who starts with the ‘other’ to define his or her own cross-cultural identity. Through immigration, the migrant, from the perception of the receiving country is seen as the "Other" to the citizens of that nation. The host nation does this in an effort to try to defend its statehood. On the other hand the citizens victimize the migrants in a reaction to the difference they have. For the migrant, who at this point is gradually transforming into a much easier to communicate “Other” sees working hard to gain citizenship as the way out (Trottier & Arsenault, 2011, 56).
In this essay I chose to compare and contrast the two cases of literature first by Levy, “Small Island”; and Xiaolu Guo’s “a concise Chinese-English dictionary for lovers”. Of importance to note is that Levy an English writer who traces her origins to the islands of Jamaica. Her parents sailed to England from where she was born (Levy, 2010, 15). On the other hand Xiaolu was born in China. She rose to become a respected author with her novels being written in many languages. Small Island brings to light two families, the first being a Jamaican one and the second is an English one. The collision between these two families from the…