Reflection Of Sonny's Blues

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Final Paper Throughout this class, there were many interesting stories that opened my eyes up to new learnings and thoughts about literature. The story that I most connected with that I really enjoyed reading was Sonny’s Blues, by James Baldwin. In this short story I could relate to a lot of the things the characters were feeling especially Sonny. I took away the most in this semester from Sonny’s Blues because I could understand Sonny’s feelings of using music to cope with challenges, making independent decisions in his own life and not having family fully support you, and feeling annoyed by parent-like criticism from older siblings. Sonny’s character in this story is very adamant about wanting to be a musician, and how he copes …show more content…

This dialogue personally connected to me because I’ve similarly had an argument with my parents because I wanted to quit a sport I was in for 15 years, and they wanted me to do the sport collegiately, but I had different plans. Which relates a lot how Sonny’s brother was unsure about his career choice, but Sonny felt like he had to do what was best for him because it was ultimately his own life decision. A big problem throughout this story was the arguments between the older and younger brother on what the younger brother should do with his life. I could definitely relate to Sonny in the younger brother perspective, because I am the youngest of three and we have a big age difference so I felt that pressure from older siblings about what I should do in life. “I want to talk about your brother, If anything happens to me he ain’t going to have nobody to look out for him” (Baldwin, 572). This quote was spoken by Sonny’s mom, she wanted the older brother to basically look out for Sonny when she’s gone, which forces the brother to kind of become this parent role to his younger brother, Sonny. I could resonate with this quote a lot because whenever my parents were out of town or just out for the day, they always told my older siblings they had to watch me and basically care for me when I was younger. This part of the story reminded me of that time in my life. I could also relate to how

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