Reflection Of The Count Of Monte Cristo

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Many times in our life, we felt down, depressed, and it seems that nothing goes right, and we ended up thinking and asking ourselves, “Where is My God?” the one who promised me with abundant blessings and gifts? The one who vowed to love me for eternity? And the one who said, “I will never leave you, my child, for I had loved you before the day your mother beget you.” We tend to lose faith, turn our backs to Him and be drowned with the miserieswe are into, for there was no voice, we pray a river but there were no answers, we cry for signs but there’s no remedy He offers, it seems like the pain is endless and trials are infinite.We limit ourselves with our own box, forgetting that our God is eternal and problems were just temporary, that our God is bigger than any storms that may come-up to life. For God is great, God is good, righteous and always have His own “perfect timing”. …show more content…

It is clearly shown in the movie that Edmond is a good man, he doesn’t cause any trouble to other people and always putting into account the sake of others. He is such an upright man, comparable to the man named, Job in the Bible. Yet, despite of being blameless, he was innocently put into a state where no mind could ever imagine, being thrown in chateau d'if, a place where one can experience the torment of hell, for a cause he does not know, what’s more worse is that everything he supposed to have in the first place was taken by his very own best friend, Mondego, who brought him into that anguish

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