Reflection Of The Movie Hidden Figures Directed By Theodore Melfi

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Guy-marcus Atidepe
Dr. Salome
English 1303
13 October 2017
The movie “Hidden Figures” directed by Theodore Melfi debuted January 6, 2017 is said to be not a movie of ego but instead a story of brilliance, struggle, and willpower. The movie Hidden Figures is based on the true story of three African American women in the 1960’s who were employed by Virginia based NASA in the West Area Computing Division as “human computers” doing math on paper by hand as opposed to a calculator. The three women were, Kathryn Johnson, Dorothy Vaughn and Mary. The movie takes place in American during a time that Jim Crow was the law and African American people were treated sub-human and were kept at the bottom of the racial hierarchy ( Each of these women played a key role in assisting the launching of space shuttle, Friendship 7 with John Glenn into space. The film is fundamentally centered on the extreme lead-up the seven missions, which enabled the space traveler Johnson Glenn to become the first American to travel around the earth in a spaceship, a mission that was made conceivable by the work of the West Area mathematicians and specialists, especially Johnson. Each of these women endured diversity issues that are still concerns in the workplace today. Gender Diversity - Historically, only a small proportion of women could afford to work outside the labor force and were typically unpaid family labor such as

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