Reflection Of The Movie Unbroken

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The movie Unbroken is the incredible true story of Olympian, Louis Zamperini from Torrance California. Zamperini and the rest of his crewmen were on a bombing mission in 1943 against the island of Nauru that was held by the Japanese. After dropping the bombs, their plane experience damage due to Japanese warplanes firing back at the planes involved in the bombing mission. The movie flashes back to when Louie was a young boy. His family’s ethnicity was Italian-American, and because of this Louie was picked on. Louie’s troubled youth got him punished by his parents. Louie’s brother, Peter, saw how fast Louie could run, so he trained him to become a runner. Running became a huge part of Louie’s life since he decided to take it more seriously. He was given the nickname, The Torrance Tornado, for his incredible running abilities. Louie’s mile time made him the fastest runner in high school history, which would qualify him for the 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin, Germany. The movie fast forwards to the war again, and we see the pilot of the plane landing it back at the base. Louie, his old crew, and some new members are put on a search and rescue mission across the Pacific Ocean. During the flight, the two left engines fail causing the plane to crash into the ocean. The movie flashes back again, but this time to the 1936 Summer Olympics, where Zamperini finished the race, setting the record for the fastest final lap. Fast forwarding again to the plane crash, only 3

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