Reflection Of Tone In La Relacion By Cabeza De Vaca

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Have you ever wondered why people use tone while writing ? Tone is a very strategic way to get the reader's attention. While reading, people can have a different opinion than you. De Vaca did not know that he would have to use tone or even write a report on all that happened in order to save his own life.
While on the journey, Cabeza de Vaca uses a gloomy tone in his report La Relacion. Some people believe in God and some do not. After the crash de Vaca explains in his narrative ,“Nothing but God’s great mercy kept us from going down” (de Vaca 73). He believed that they are still alive because God is protecting them and even though some of the spaniards died God is still protecting them. Death is very scary for a lot of people because no one knows what happens after a someone dies. In other words, de vaca writes, “ I would have welcomed death rather than see so many around me in such condition” (deVaca 73). de Vaca was feeling very terrible when he said this and did not want to be alive and would rather be dead more than anything while writing this in his narrative. However, de Vaca’s tone towards the Indians is a scared tone. When de Vaca and his men first encounter the Indians, they were very frightened. He states in his narrative, “we could not hope to defend ourselves” (de Vaca 74) . de Vaca and his men were very poor in health. They were only eating rice every now and then. There was no way they could have fought the Indians off with no health at all. So they thought

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