Reflection On Chickens

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As I was creating my chicken documentary, I delved deeper into the egg industry’s hidden world. Essentially, this project sparked an interest in the different egg titles, which lead me to seek out more humane lifestyles for these hens. Sadly, “some (people) hold this (animal treatment) on a basis of divine revelation—the other animals were put here for human-kind to use as they see fit—while others deny that animals have the kind of subjectivity or experience that could give rise to a moral duty or obligation on our party (Thompson).” For humans, it is easy to view chickens as inferior and boring; however, my project contradicts this assumption. The ten chickens I filmed demonstrated unique characteristics, complex reasoning and future planning, and pure joy whilst roaming freely. Therefore, the battery cage farms are archaic and cruel environments that further support animal cruelty. According to Brian Ahmed, an Australian battery chicken farmer, chickens in battery cages, that is, small wire cages, exist in a cleaner environment where disease and parasite rates are lower. So, they don’t fall ill and actually face less fatal risks. In fact, battery chicken’s morality rate decreases to 1%. This provides the world with plentiful and affordable eggs (Davey). Superficially, battery cages appear humane. However, chickens contain “cognitive, emotional, and behavior complexities” that the battery cages destroy (Friedrich). As previously stated, a battery cages are small wire

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