Reflection On Community Assessment

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Community Assessment Reflection This paper serves as an overview and reflection of the community assessment assignment process for the Chinatown presentation team with the community issue of gentrification. There will be an analysis of the team’s performance in regards to strengths and opportunities for growth as well as an outlining how roles and responsibilities were formed including collaboration and communication. Further, since our group presented last, there is an inclusion of the positive aspects of our colleague’s presentations and some suggestions for revision if we were to present again. Additionally, there is personal analysis of my role within the team, areas of personal opportunity for growth, and my role within our group. The end of the reflection paper provides an opportunity for potential application of skills in future social work practice and how I will use the principles of community assessment in future practice. Overall, the process of collaborating with colleagues and the intricacies of assessing a community have prepared me for micro and macro level social work practice in communities of any size. Team Performance Overall, I am satisfied with how well my group worked together during the community assessment portion of the project. We did well because we were all committed to the project. Moreover, at almost all of our meetings and community visits, members showed up on time and prepared. Some parts of our assessment were more comprehensive then

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