Reflection On Community-Based Human Service Organizations

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Community-based human services organizations are essential in addressing human service needs and often provide assistance in instances of crisis. These agencies are involved with entities such as domestic violence shelters, job training, employment programs, child care centers, foster care, child protection, prisoner reentry and day programs for seniors and the developmentally and intellectually disabled (Norris-Tirrell, 2014). These services are often play pivotal roles in promotion of the overall quality of life for the vulnerable individuals and communities that are served. Non-profit human service organizations have historically been challenged during times of economic down-turn; to find or maintain adequate funding (Mosely, Maronick, …show more content…

I would feel compelled to exhaust all efforts to partner with other government agencies, private businesses and the community to raise funds in an attempt to prevent closing one of my centers. I would have to look at potential ways to decrease my expenditures. This may mean that I had to avoid adding any new programs or even reduce programs that I currently offer to only the most essential and beneficial ones. I would have to determine if it would be more cost effective to consolidate jobs and reduce workforce across the board or to close a center. Laying off a couple of individual employees would not be ideal but it would affect less people than closing an office that serves entire communities. There is also the potential to allow employees whose jobs do not have to be in a dedicated office to become telecommuters. Promoting staff to telecommute would reduce the expenditures that are spent on rent, utilities, building insurance and other expenses associated with running a brick and mortar

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