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CHV201 Course Culminating Activity
During the summer, I volunteered along the downtown Yonge neighborhood for Epilepsy Toronto’s annual BuskerFest. It was a three-day event, running from August 27th to 30th. I decided to volunteer at a BuskerFest because I felt that there would be many opportunities to apply and improve my own skills while gaining valuable experiences and having fun. My friends have also encouraged me to volunteer as they have had positive experiences from previous years. My role was to monitor and run a couple different attractions in the “Family Fun Zone” at the festival. Some of my responsibilities were to collect tickets, inform visitors, and keep order at the attractions. We would usually take 2 hour shifts at a certain attraction before changing to a different one, to keep things exciting as this was a full day event.
My experience as a volunteer at BuskerFest had many positive effects, however there were also some negative effects. One pro of my volunteer work was that I have improved my leadership and organizational skills. This was because I was told to manage an attraction with the help of one other volunteer. This was a surprise to me because I didn’t think we would be able to deal with the large groups of children and parents at our attraction. One con that I had from my volunteer
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It was very fun because the street performers were interesting to watch, but the experience as a volunteer was great as well. As a volunteer, I learned a lot about epilepsy and we got many perks such as daily food vouchers, items from their gift shop and passes to some attractions. In the future, I would like to find more opportunities like this, where I can volunteer my time for the common good while improving my own skills and having
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