Reflection On Critical Reflection

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Introduction Critical reflection is the process of probing our thoughts, feelings, and experiences in order to understand how they fit in with the ideas, concepts, and theories that are presented by others (Ryerson University, 2016). On the other hand, reflective practice is the cornerstone of critical analysis to construct meaning. As Brookfield (1998) stated, “critically reflective practice is a process of inquiry involving practitioners in trying to discover, and research, the assumptions that frame how they work” (p.197). In this paper, I will shed light on my personal critical reflection practice, how it helped me succeed in my higher education studies, and how critical reflection benefited me as a student and an individual.
Critical Reflective Practice
In my workplace, critical reflection is not practiced formally nor is it visible. I think it is due to the ever-changing nature of management, unstable work environment, and lack of time. However, I have practiced critical reflection in my higher education studies and in this paper I will focus on that. Critical reflection is mainly structured around inquiry and my undergraduate program was developed around problem-based learning. In addition, both individual and collective reflection activities were incorporated into the courses to assist us (learners) to practice our critical reflection. At first, I found it really hard to grasp the concept, but soon I realized that critical reflection is the process of

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