Reflection On Diversity

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On the basis of diversity, I am certain that I relate to most of its aspects. I was born in Cameroon, a developing country in Africa. Migrating to The United States exposed me to not just gender diversity, but also to racial, cultural, and religious diversity. I moved to The United States in 2015 at age 15 and started community college at age 16. At the time, I did not view myself as unmindful, but I thought of how my life was going to be like in class. On my first visit to Wayne County Community College District, one of the advisers said to my mother “She is too young to be a full-time college student. I’d advice she does at least a year of high school in The United State so that she can adapt to the lifestyle and prepare for college both socially and mentally.” Diversity is something I relate to and respect so much.
In The United States, diversity is a big issue as people from different parts of the world reside here. A few years back, I was used to being in a classroom with students who had a common race, age group, and for most cases a common language as myself. However, when I moved to The United States, I started attending classes that had only myself with a different race. This wasn’t a challenge at the beginning because I was trained with the ideology that people are equal. As time passed by, I realized that even though I had that mentality, not everyone around me agreed with me. Like they say, “Everyone is entitled to their own opinions,” which is why some

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