Reflection On Human Sexuality

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This class was, potentially, the most enlightening out of any of our classes this semester. I tend to think about myself as incredibly open-minded and well-rounded when it comes to understanding the different aspects of human sexuality, but this class showed me how little I truly know. Listening to this class’s guest speakers illuminated me to the depth of the BDSM community that I had previously been blind to. While I had known some about BDSM from simply a fetish/paraphilia/technical standpoint, I wasn’t aware that it also denoted such a rich community. I suppose that I could have expected that BDSM would have it’s own community, but, since it is outside of my realm of sexuality, I was simplistic in the way that I understood BDSM as only a fetish. My simplistic thinking is made worse when I consider the fact that one of my closest friends was a professional submissive for a few years prior to coming to Reno, but I never asked many questions because I felt that it would be too personal or would show potential holes in my knowledge. This is why I am so glad that we had guest speakers for this topic in class. When I was reading this chapter in the Lehmiller book, I found it to be informative on a baseline knowledge level, but it definitely lost a lot of the depth and complexity of the fetishes and paraphilia themselves, and particularly the people that practice these aspects of sexuality. Having a guest speaker come in allows for the other students, as well as myself, to

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