Reflection On Hurricane Katrina

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It started as every other day did, I woke up, ate breakfast, a bowl of captain crunch, then left for school. As I walked through the front doors of Perry-Lecompton High School, looking to my left I saw the news on TV. Hurricane Katrina had finally struck the coast, the destruction was unmatched, I felt a deep, sickening feeling. Being so young, this was new to me; therefore, I didn’t really know what it meant. It may have taken a few years, but I learned this feeling to be compassion towards those in need, struggling to live. Tragedy, disasters, they both share one characteristic in common, people suffering. For the first thirteen years of my life I always thought that was just something that happens, something I could do nothing about. Until I was approached with an opportunity I could not pass up. My aunt, the head of my youth group, came to a group of around 5 of us, she explained to us about a chance to go down to the gulf and join a volunteer group helping those affected by Hurricane Katrina. I gazed around at my friends, beginning to feel that rush of excitement, without speaking, we nodded in agreement, no words needed. Within the coming months, preparing for the trip became crucial. Starting with acquiring the necessary funds to be able to make the biggest difference possible, we began to work tirelessly. I recall finishing practice, usually I would return home and do homework or sleep, but instead would go do odd jobs requiring the funds necessary for our

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