Reflection On Interpersonal Communication

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Since the start of this class, I have been reminded again and again that the concepts we are learning can be applied to everyday life. For instance, when we talked about non-verbal communication, I realized that it is impossible to not communicate. There are many activities, other than the use of language, that allow us to draw meaning from something we observe. When my mother widens her eyes at me without stating a word, I understand she is telling me to think twice about the action I’m about to take. It has been great to be able to assign concepts and vocabulary to interpersonal relationships and communication activity that I have been experiencing. Now let me introduce you to my friend Izzy and her boyfriend Ken as I analyze the …show more content…

In a short time, contact information was exchanged between the two and plans were made to hang out together alone. Izzy and Ken’s first date consisted of meeting at their local ice-cream shop followed by a long walk in the park and movie time at Izzy’s house. This is when Izzy started to feel like she was developing a real personal connection with Ken; conversing with each other came naturally and was interesting.
While only a couple for nearly five months, Izzy believes communication between the two is pretty good and that they are compatible. As Izzy’s best friend who has had the opportunity to observe their relationship, I have seen this compatibility demonstrated as they utilize nonverbal communication cues to send messages to each other. For example, the use of eye contact and head nodding to show they are listening to each other. It did take some time to reach this point though. With increased face-to-face communication added to texting and occasional phone calls, they learned more about each other’s communication styles, preferences, wants and needs.
Izzy takes time to think about what she is about to say before she says it. She likes to make sure it is the right time and place for everything. When Izzy is mad, she will simply let everything go and walk away from the problem. This conflict management

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