Interpersonal Communication Reflection

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Since I was a child, I have naturally suppressed my emotions. Perhaps it was the way I was raised by my parents or me conforming to societal gender roles as a male, but I have never liked it when people know what I am thinking or feeling. However, as I have grown up and become more aware of my emotional management and intelligence, I started to realize not only the importance of being cognizant of my emotions but also the emotions of others. Therefore, I want to reflect and delve deeper into how I express my emotions and relate to the emotions of my relationship partners, close friends, and family members. When thinking about how emotions relate to the broad topic of interpersonal communication, I think about how people relate to other people’s feelings in a given situation. Trying to sympathize or empathize with a person is a hard concept to grasp which is why I believe relating to people on an emotional level is something that comes with experience, time, and knowledge. I am a strong believer that this is the basis for emotional management. Emotional management is an essential aspect which appropriateness of the communication and the effectiveness of the language in the situation can determine a person’s interpersonal communication competence. Normally, I manage my emotions well. I have an even keeled mentality; however, I am pretty tacit when it comes to confronting people in tough situations. I consider myself to be somewhat introverted because I like to keep

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