Reflection On Obesity

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For this week we had the ability to look into cardiovascular disease and how it is being an thing that it effecting our generation. In this essay I hope to talk about what I imagine someone who is obese may look like. I also hope to take a deeper look into the what some of daily activities are the put people at a higher risk for cardiovascular disease and some or reasons why someone may not be motivated to make a change in their life even though it can lengthen their life span. Last but not least I hope to give my opinion if I believe that age is an factor in determine if someone is motivated or not in making a change to their life. When I first hear the word obesity, I instantly think of the standard American. In recent years Americans sense of portion size has increased dramatically. People now think that it is healthy to eat fast-food for meals. Another thing that I think of when I hear the word ont is someone who wants to make a change to improve themselves. This can be difficult though because if someone is not use to eating a healthy and well balanced diet then they have to change this habit which can be challenging to do. After thinking for a while, I honestly can not think of any other non-contagious diseases that have been given the title of epidemic. In my opinion though I think that using the word epidemic to describe the increase of people of obese is not the best. I feel as though that this word creates the idea that being obese is contagious but rather it is
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