Essay on Obesity in America on the Rise

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Obesity in America Today, 78.1 million American adults and 12.5 million children are obese. Obesity in America is a unstoppable epidemic. Since the 1960s, the number of obese adults have doubled and the number of obese children have tripled. Because of America’s obesity problems, Surgeon General David Satcher issued a report saying; "The Surgeon General's Call to Action to Prevent and Decrease Overweight," said that obesity "have reached epidemic proportions" in America. Obesity in America has no doubt reached epidemic proportions. Since 2001, America has been the most obese country in the world. This essay discusses what obesity is and how it is affecting today’s America by answers the following questions: 1. What is Obesity? 2. How is …show more content…

During the seasons where food was abundant, humans needed to gorge themselves when the food was available in order to survive during the seasons where food was not available. Today, food is available in abundance during every season. The availability of food today causes humans to gain the fat because genetics are used to their ancestors having to gain that fat to survive. No matter the cause, obesity is greatly affecting Americans. How is Obesity Affecting America? Today, America is fatter than ever. Since the 1960s, the number of obese American adults have doubled; the number of obese American children have tripled. Since 2001 America has had the highest obesity rate in the world. In 2010, the Centers for Disease Control found that 78.1 million American adults and 12.5 million children were obese. Since than, that number has been increasing. In 2001 36% of Americans are obese; 11% more than the second obese country in the world, Mexico. (Diet, Nutrition, and Wellness: Obesity, 2013) The heaviest man ever, at 1,397 pounds, was Patrick Deuel from Valentine Nebraska. Obesity was slowly killing Patrick. At age 42 Patrick already had several life threatening ailments: heart failure and diabetes. In order to be placed in a special ambulance, a wall in his bedroom had to be removed. When at the hospital he received gastric bypass surgery and was placed on a strict diet. After a year he lost about 1,000 pounds ,

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