Reflection On Social Work

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An Analysis of Social Work Professionalism
Kelsey Robinson
University of Maryland Baltimore, School of Social Work

An Analysis of Social Work Professionalism
How We Could Do Better To be honest I was quite shocked that around 87% of “the variability in therapeutic outcomes is associated with client and external or situational factors” (Cournoyer, 2017, p.32). After reflecting on this I realized how embarrassed I was of my ignorance, for I feel as though it implies that I thought, albeit unconsciously, that I inherently had more power than my future clients. This conflicts with my enduring stance against the word “helping” when it comes to social work practice, because I feel as though this word implies that the social worker is better than the client, that the social worker is doing the client a favor. I prefer the words “working with” the client, because I believe this establishes a mutual, respectful relationship between the social worker and client, which in turn will provide better outcomes for both individuals involved. Therefore, I vow from this moment on to never ignore the person-in-environment principle when working with and on behalf of clients. Acknowledging and understanding the external environmental, both physical and social, that the client operates in is essential if we wish to bring about positive social change. As a result of this reflection and familiarizing myself with the person-in-environment belief, I’ve learned of several different ways

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