Reflection On Supreme Court Cases

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Supreme Court Cases there are many in the world and most of them are boring and some are interesting and some are very interesting. This one I think is very interesting it caught my eyes and I got into it really good. I am here to explain Vernonia School District v. Acton. Then what constitutional amendment it challenges, and some quotes from the case from James Acton. Finally I will share the result of the case and how it ended, then my opinion of the court case and what i think and how I think the ruling should have went down. So before I get into it, I will giver you a summary of the case so you can understand what I am saying before I start mumbling on about the court case and what I think about it and how I think it should have turned out. In 1991 at Vernonia's Washington Grade School, a boy named James Acton was starting seventh grade and like most kids, he wanted to do sports and have fun with other kids and get active. So that's what James did, he went home and asked his parents for permission to play football and have fun, his parents liked the thought of him getting into sports and having fun with a team and learning about teamwork and in general meeting new people and having more friends. So they took James to the doctors to get his physical, so that they knew he was capable of playing. When then suddenly the doctor wanted to take a drug test and then that's when it starts but I’m not going to spoil it all right now. As I said I will first explain the court

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