Reflection Paper About Justice

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Reflection Paper Two
If you were asked to describe a sunset, what would you say? Perhaps you would gaze into the sky and be dazzled by a sea of vibrant hues: fuchsia, violet, and gold. Enormous, cottony clouds may fill your periphery in a gorgeous, multifaceted display of nature’s inherent opulence. You may utilize every positive adjective in your arsenal to espouse the glorious vision laid out before you. However, your next-door neighbor may tell a different story. When they look up, they might see a smog-infested atmosphere rife with rain-impregnated clouds that will surely be ruining the rest of their night. Whose account is accurate? Is it possible for both parties to be correct? Can they both be wrong?
In a 2011 article
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The grade is the same, but the value placed on it is distinctively different. A person’s appraisal of information can also be skewed by powerful biological needs such as hunger. For those of us who identify with the concept of being “hangry” (a state of extreme testiness resulting from hunger), it is easy to see that something as simple as needing a snack can have severe and all-encompassing impacts on how we interpret the world around us. There is absolutely no way of fully comprehending every facet of an individual’s information assessment method at any given moment in time, thus there is no feasible way to accurately predict specific outcomes in all possible scenarios.
External factors also play a considerable role in a person’s valuation of information. If you are asked your opinion about having a picnic in the park, your answer is likely to change based on several outside influences. The majority of people would accept an invitation to dine on gourmet hors d'oeuvres, sip expensive wine, and luxuriate in a lazy, sun-drenched, autumn afternoon in the park. Yet it would be a struggle to convince the same people to join you on an icy cold morning in February. The environment within which an exchange of information occurs can also influence how information is received. While you may be comfortable addressing extremely personal questions within the confines of a therapist’s office, the same invasive queries are
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