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I have always lived my life, hoping that someday I would finally fit into this mold that the world seems to create for people. I wanted so badly to be the normal child. A child who was able to think, react, socialize, and participate the same way that other children do. It has taken me many years, but I have finally learned that I will never be the cookie cutter person. Furthermore, when I was younger I wished and wished to be able to attend normal functions, church, or to create meaningful friendships with my peers. I never truly had that opportunity as a child. I spent most of my childhood a confused, depressed mess. However, I have grown up to be a well-rounded individual that has direction and purpose. To start this out we should …show more content…

This congregation was not held in a synagogue because there were not enough members to afford to build one. We had to inevitably pray in a church. Never feeling comfortable with the location of my congregation, created a cloud of shame on my religious views. I was unable to practice my faith in a way that seemed appropriate due to the lack of funding. This wasn’t the only issue with my Judaism, though, I was also mocked quite a bit. In the sixth grade, it was deemed acceptable amongst my peers to use the word Jew as an insult. The school tried to help the best they could, but since most of the teachers didn’t seem to understand what was happening it often slid by the waist side. The most memorable moment I had with my Judaism and school was when the choir teacher schedules a mandatory car wash on Rosh Hashanah. Rosh Hashanah is an extremely important holiday. My mom had to call the superintendent of the school to get me out of doing the car wash. Inevitably, the car wash was canceled because the school realized what a liability it was. This cause my peers to mock me further, I was the girl who canceled an event at school. Bonnie Davis speaks about negative peer culture and how it can make the students' ability to learn. This situation put me in a negative school culture. I felt shame and embarrassment. In those moments all I wanted was an adult from the school to help and support me. It could have taken one teacher talking to me to change

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