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I grew up in Greenville, South Carolina. Having had grown up in the south, I was always around people who are more traditional in viewpoints, especially when surrounding the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transsexual/Transgender, Questioning, and more community. I received my education at a high school where no one hesitated to throw around extremely derogatory terms. Throughout my schooling I had found close friends who had expressed their feelings of not fitting into their biological sex. Every time I heard them talk about their feelings I felt my heart sinking. I knew it was not fair. I found myself constantly feeling their pain. Feeling all their fear, anger, and sadness along with them because I knew that they lived in fear of people finding out who they really were and what their reactions might be. It broke my heart that they were forced into constantly fearing for their safety. During my junior year when I decided that I was more than exhausted of sitting back with my feet up watching as people that I cared about got treated poorly. Instead of sitting back and watching I decided that I was going to talk to a teacher of mine to figure out what I could do. That day, I marched into his room ready to be laughed at and told that there was not a single thing in the world I could do to fix the ideals of southern culture. My jaw dropped when I was told otherwise. A sense of total astonishment washed over me when instead I was encouraged to start a club to change the situation. I

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