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We did our facilitation about rice commodity in three different countries and I must say, it was good working with my team members. Rice production is one of the most important aspects to the food supply of different countries, I chose China and because China was the number one rice producing country, I thought this was really interesting. Working together in a group is not always fun, but with the right people working with you, it will be easy. My team members for this facilitation were great, which made me enjoy working with them. As soon as we knew who was in the group, we decided to exchange contact information like emails and made a Google doc to share the ideas. But the weakness would be due to the different schedules because we all came up with the idea on the internet and we only met once before the class time on facilitation day. Also, one thing that we could improve from the peer feedback was that we were not that cooperative, and we had too much information. I think that is because we only decided to work together to come up with the format of the facilitation and who should do what. There was not a group leader per-se.
However, the strength part was that we had 4 members in the group and each and every one had their roles and understood what needed to be done in order to accomplish our goal. From our slides, materials, and countries research for rice, each member was assigned a role. We had the PowerPoint maker, and research for individuals for China, Japan, and

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