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Every little girl dreams of the snow-white perfect gown and the day she meets the one who will stand by her side until the day they die. Some may fantasize about all the big milestones they will face throughout their lives like an eagle soaring the skies looking for a good place to settle down and begin living each day as if it could all just vanish in an instant. No one expects the unexpected and some never find the confirmation they seek. Walking in the same spots throughout the church that I had years before brought back memories of the little girl I once was, this strong willed girl who was so in love with Jesus and His mercy that she thought nothing would ever change the way she felt. Back then it was so easy to think that things were perfect and that they’d all work out perfectly, and that I would feel God’s presence wherever life took me. Back then it was so easy to imagine life without pain and suffering. I was so happy when ever I even began to think of God’s glory that if something bad had happened I thought of it as His way of testing my faith. I saw it only as a small obstacle in finding my way in the world. Growing up we are told by many to live for ourselves and to be the very best version of ourselves. What if that version of us was ignoring all the hate and misunderstanding? As a child, I often fought with this, growing up Catholic, which in East Tennessee is a minority group. When we would talk about church quietly amongst ourselves, sharing about Mass

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