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John Mason once said, “You were born an original. Don’t die a copy.” Through these last few years at Marion Local High School I realized how similar everyone is. There are sixty-six people in my graduating class. Most are in three sports and are involved with church. I, however, am different. My focus is not on how well we play at a football game, but how much I can learn. Also new challenges that I can overcome. Within my community I try to be as different as possible, but is quite hard when there not many activities that not half of my class is already doing. And try as I might, sometimes I fail, but everyone does sometimes. However, I stand back up and try and try again. For me, others are more important than myself. I feel that I should always give to those less unfortunate than myself. In my freshman year, I decided to sew over two hundred ditty bags—drawstring gym bags—to give to the veterans in the Dayton VA Hospital. However, I did not feel like I was doing all I could do. Once finding out that many of the veterans in this hospital are homeless and have families that they cannot support, I decided to gather donations. I applied for grants and went to local businesses to be able to buy the people who fought for our country the hygienic supplies that they needed. I could buy over nine hundred different products that I donated to the Dayton VA Hospital. For me, this act put into my reality how much other people suffer. I am lucky to have a loving family that can

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