Reflection Paper For A Community

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Project The Road Home in Salt Lake City is a non-profit organization that has been established since 1923 by the Travelers Aid Society. The main mission for the Road Home is to aid with children’s programs, and to help the homeless community in Utah which includes providing the homeless community with temporary housing. I chose to be a volunteer for the children’s’ book club out of all the opportunities offered to me. The mission of the book club at the Road Home Midvale Center was to tutor children from K1-K6 grade level from any type of working class and help them develop reading skills that could be helpful for them in the future for educational purposes on what a good book is supposed to look like, and somewhat know how the structure of a future essay or assignment is supposed to look like and for fun because the children I worked with had a lot of fun reading with me. There is eight sometimes nine or ten volunteers that show up to the book club for the road home and work with any children that comes through those classroom doors, all the children could use our help when it comes to reading. For my civic engagement project I worked with multiple children each week, most of the time I would do a one on one tutoring session and others I worked with two or three kids. Several of the kids I worked with were decent at reading, others needed a little help reading. I work with variety of children from different classes some are from low class families and others are from
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